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Where's our history?

Our company was founded in april of 2008 and based in Papigko 440 04, Zagori. The hotel is situated just a few steps from the central square of village. Our house is built of stone as prescribed by the local tradition. So, traditional style accommodations with a breathtaking view. The rooms were created in the image of the region Epirus. It is a great place to go for incredibly accommodation in mountain climates. We assist in organizing external sports like rafting, trekking, horsing or climbing. Best Regards.


Welcome to the official website of the hotel & restaurant Papigo Royal Palace the crowned jewel of hotels in the northem mountains of Greece (GR). Dear guests, we are currently under construction! At the present moment we invite you to the our canteen. Enjoy original porchetta, skewers or other our delicacies and beverages. Soon, and then visit us and have fun, it's a great place to stay.

Kaliakmani Spyridoula & sia EE

Our Offer

Huge thank you to all people visit us.
their enjoy at our Hotel, dining and bars!

Rooms with fireplace

Guest rooms

We offer real traditional double rooms with firepalce.

Rooms accommodation

Mountain Hotel

Papigo mountain hotel

Our hotel restaurant and spa, old traditional style & quality.

Hotels breakfast

Greek restaurant

Greek restaurant

Traditional greek restaurant, we used original old recipies by our chef.

restaurant dining

Greek cuisine

Greek cuisine

Good light summer dish. Served with sliced tomatoes, feta cheese, and garlic bread.

Food winter restaurant


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